The cure for the dreaded Ford Superduty Death Wobble

Fits all 2005-2015 4x4 Ford, F250, F350, F450, F550

The Trac-inator is a direct bolt on trac-bar designed to terminate the effects of deflection, increase steering response and control.  Our design incorporates a 1" uniball and custom cup assembly that (like the stock balljoint) is pressed into the original stock axle location. Our uniball setup allows the use of a double shear bar mount without having to move the pivot from it's stock location. At the frame mount we use a 1" rod end, instead of rubber or polyurethane bushing. The bar itself is 1-5/8 OD x 3/8 thick DOM tube and the plating at the axle mount equates to a 1/2" thickness per each bolt tab.


-1" Rod-end (heim joint), 1.875" ball, 3 piece, high strength
-1" Uniball (spherical bearing), 1.5" ball, high strength
- Bar material, 1.625" OD x .375" wall DOM tube, laser cut plate, welded and powder coated black
-Chromalloy uniball cup, zinc plated
-Chromalloy uniball hi-miss spacers, zinc plated
-Rod-end spacers, zinc plated
-Delrin rod-end isolators
-Grade 9, 3/4 bolt and hardware

“Bar works great! Drives like it should no bump steer and feels safer to drive!”  Robert V.

“After lifting my new F250 I was always unhappy with the steering feel, the wife would not drive it.  After installing Baja Customs trac-bar, Dynatrac balljoints, and HD tie rod ends all issues were fixed.  Truck steers much, much better than when new, wife agrees.  I was considering dumping the truck at a great loss, now very happy.  This is my daily driver and serious offroad toy.”  Paul G.

“The tracinator is awesome, tightened up the front end so my F350 handles like a go cart, thanks again for the fix.”  Basil H.

Click here for Trac-inator Install Instructions

Price: $640


The problem with your stock bar
The OEM trac-bar or pan-hard bar setup, is a bar mounted in single shear to a ball joint at the axle and a rubber bushing at the frame. The OEM bar is offset from the center of the ball joint at the axle. This applies un-wanted torque and deflection on the joint and the rod. The rubber bushings at the frame mount is another source of un-wanted deflection. As the balljoint and rubber bushings wear, deflection increases.  When deflection occurs the trac bar loses its ability to keep the axle in position laterally under the truck. The wobble or shimmy you feel from the steering wheel is actually the steering  linkage being forced to control the axle and wheels, as the trac bar deflects.

*Note, in regards to certain replacement bars on the market that relocate the axle trac-bar mount higher. Be aware the only scenario were this would be acceptable is if a lift kit was installed without or did not include a drop down bracket for the trac-bar. Considering most lift kits provide a drop bracket, moving the axle mount position higher would only worsen the suspension geometry.*


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